Braun Shaver Series 7

For the previous several years I've been using the Braun Series 7-- 790cc, and I should state I have actually been quite amazed. Even with the release of the more recent Braun Series 9, I still suggest the Series 7 to the majority of people.

I like the style, the cleansing system is very hassle-free, and obviously, the real shaving experience is completely pleasing.

Although I am a huge fan, I will make this evaluation as reasonable and as comprehensive as I can.

This has an actually good high tech style and fits easily in the hand. Not too huge, not too small.

The Pulsonic technology with this razor refers to the 10,000 microvibrations per minute that are created from the shaving head. This, in addition to the Power-Comb innovation, helps lift hairs off your face for simple shaving. This combination actually helps you get a really smooth shave.

The shaving head also rotates up and down and can lock on a particular angle. This helps with shaving the neck location and upper lip.

One downfall with the design is that the blades and the foil are one unit. This makes cleaning it manually a little harder, and it's why I always advise you go with the cleansing station. I would suggest you prevent the 720 S which is just the razor without the cleansing base.

There's also an appear trimmer which I found to be effective at lining out the sideburns. You can likewise utilize this Braun trimmer to trim a mustache or trim your beard to an affordable level.

On the bottom there's an LCD display which reveals the battery life and the health level. Once both of these are complete and the electric razor remains in the

base, it will go on stand-by mode. A complete charge ought to last you about 50 minutes of shaving time. You can likewise utilize it with the electrical cord which is perfect for taking a trip.

Last but not least there are various speed settings. I have constantly used to the greatest setting but if your facial hair isn't very thick or you have quite sensitive skin, you may wish to begin with the lower settings. Prior to using this design I was utilizing a non reusable razor for about a month and making the switch was completely fine.

If you're coming from a non reusable razor or a rotary electric razor you might take a couple of days to change to the Braun. This may be another scenario when the lower speed setting might be advantageous for you.

My facial hair is rather dark and pretty thick, and I didn't have any issues. Keeping the razor at a 90 degree angle and pushing in fairly hard at particular times, I was able to get a good smooth shave.

With disposable blades I never ever shave against the grain so running my fingers up on my face isn't smooth at all. With the electrical shavers you can shave up and down resulting in an extremely close shave with no inflammation.

It might not have been as close as a razor on my neck, I haven't experienced any irritation. Typically with a razor I'll have some sort of irritation as soon as and some time.

One thing I would note is that if you have thick facial hair, you may need to go a bit slowly over specific areas and press in a little more difficult. Going over certain areas a few times might be required to get a really smooth shave, along with pulling down on your skin.

I guess the only complaint I have, and it's not actually a grievance ... would simply be the change in routine. If you're utilizing conventional razor blades right now you may have a routine of taking a hot shower followed by a shave. With this electric razor, you're going to have to shave before washing your face. Obviously it's not a huge offer, just a little schedule change.

So total I had a terrific experience. If you're looking for a close shave with the luxury of a cleansing station then I would absolutely advise this product.

If you have the budget for this razor, and you want a smooth close shave with the benefit of a cleaning station, I suggest you get it.

The only failure when Braun Series 7 was very first released was the expense, nevertheless at the existing sales price it's a lot. You actually get what you spend for in my viewpoint.

Although it's not the least expensive option, if you desire a close and very comfy shave, I believe it's worth the money.

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