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If you look at the comfort factor, then honestly no saree in the world is as comfortable as the truly eternal cotton saree. The lightness and airiness of cotton make it every working woman’s best friend!

Women who are fond of wearing sarees can carry them with a lot of grace on every occasion. Dressing well exudes a sense of real positivity from within and provides us the guts for confident interactions in the workplace.

A common misery encountered by most working women every day is “What do I wear to work today”? Palazzos, skirts, salwar suits, shirts or Kurtis?

Did you ever think of wearing a well-pressed ethnic cotton saree to the office?

There are an endless number of advantages of wearing a cotton saree that you cannot overlook.

  • The tropical climate of South Asia makes cotton the most preferred fabric for garments in this area. All accessories like the blouse, petticoat, etc worn with a cotton saree or silk saress are also cotton made, hence it will be just as comfortable as the saree.

  • Cotton Sarees are comparatively easy to drape & handle. The best part is that the pleats remain in place for hours on end.

  • Cotton is the best fabric for the hot summers and doesn’t cause any problem to the skin.

  • Cotton sarees can be draped really quickly, even when you are in a hurry to reach your office.

  • Cotton Sarees are the best for sensitive skin. Dermatologists suggest wearing cotton garments on a daily basis to prevent skin rashes or any form of skin irritation.

  • Cotton Sarees are neither loud nor do they fail to steal the dazzling show. The best is that they are durable and stay intact for years on end.

  • Other than having so many positive qualities, cotton sarees are cheaper than other fabrics and look really amazing without digging a hole in your pocket.

Do you guys know which are the 10 different varieties of cotton saree, that are suitable for all occasions?

The names of these cotton sarees are as follows.

  1. The Sambalpuri Saree

Indian women have a lot to Thank Odisha for. They must never stop thanking the glorious state of Odisha for its beautiful ikats and traditional weaving. Known for its different weaving techniques, Sambalpuri sarees from Sambalpur inculcate certain traditional motifs like flowers, wheels, and shells in its sarees. The threads are first dyed in the handloom and later woven into fabric form, adding to the awesomeness of the entire process.

  1. The Tant Saree

Quite popular for its starch infused crispness, this breathtaking saree from the state of Bengal is available in thousands of different colors and designs. This time, don’t forget to wear a Tant Saree to a summer wedding in April, May or July. Tant is always highly comfortable and classy.

  1. The Khadi Saree

Khadi is a highly favored, breathable material. Khadi sarees are traditionally made in handlooms with hand-spun cotton yarns. You simply cannot survive the sultry summers without adding Khadi to your saree collection.

  1. The Dhakai Saree

Dhakai sarees are originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is only worn in the eastern parts of India. There are the normal Dhakai sarees with plain thread work and then there are those with golden thread work unknown as the Jamdani Dhakai sarees.

  1. The Chikankari saree

Chikankari is significantly about embroidery. Chikan simply means embroidery. As the name suggests, chikan means embroidery. Earlier It was just initiated as white embroidery work on white cloth but with time it is now done in varied colors. This artfully done embroidery work is delicate and the pure definition of beauty and is exclusively available in Lucknow.

  1. Pochampally saree

Pochampally cotton is now famous all over India. They are made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Telangana and Famous for geometric patterns in the ikat style of dyeing. Pochampally sarees are made of fine cotton and sometimes you will also find the cotton blended with silk. You can collect this 9 yard of absolute beauty for any occasion from any saree store in your city.

  1. Kota Doria saree

Kota Doria sarees are a huge favorite amongst Indian ladies. These are woven in Rajasthan, made of pure cotton and have square-like patterns known as khats. Kotas are worn in peak summers. The khats or the square check pattern on the fabric of Kota saree is technically woven in traditional pit loom in order to get the net-like outcome. These khats filter air and are suitable to be worn in the hot weather to allow the air to come in.

Cotton is a preferred textile in India because of the weather conditions and the lifestyle of the people. Easy to wash, wear and handle, cotton sarees are a significant part of every lady’s wardrobe. Purchase cotton sarees online from

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