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FirstName LastName Organization State Country
Ada Wan University of Zurich   Switzerland
Adeline Wehrli     Switzerland
Adil Koller Universit\xE4t Basel   Switzerland
Admin ZueKL Zürcher Kompetenzzentrum für Linguistik, Universität Zürich   Switzerland
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Aida Frederiksen     Denmark
Aida Kildegaard     Denmark
Aivars Glaznieks Eurac Research   Italy
Alessia Battisti     Switzerland
Alex Mayes Cambridge University   United Kingdom
Alex Schmutz      
Alexander Gl\xFCck     Italy
Alexander Guryev University of Neuch\xE2tel   Switzerland
Alexander Konstantinovskiy     Russia
Alexander Schmid      
Alexandra B\xFCnzli Z\xFCrcher Kompetenzzentrum Linguistik   Switzerland
Alexandra Kalhofer      
Alexandra Mos UNIL   Switzerland
Alexandra Oncioiu     Romania
Alexandra Pugin      
Alexandra Schiesser Uni Fribourg   Switzerland
Alexandra Schmutz      
Alistair McAllen   Switzerland
Alma Handschin     Switzerland
Amanda Jennings     Switzerland
Amanda Reyes      
Amandat Zohan      
Amelia Neumayer Mount Holyoke College   United States
Amelie Cougnon UCL   Belgium
Ana Karenina      
Andi Hoffmann      
Andrea Candido     Italy
Andrea Froehlich      
Andrea Graumann Universit\xE4t Paderborn   Germany
Andrea Surber     Switzerland
Andrea Suter      
Andreas Locher UZH    
Andreea Tescan      
Andy Vast Armadarent   Indonesia
Angelica Augustin     Switzerland
Angelika Linke Deutsches Seminar   Switzerland
angelina chandra   jakarta Indonesia
Anita Auer Universit\xE9 de Lausanne   Switzerland
Anita Berit Hansen Universit\xE9 de Copenhague   Denmark
Anja Behrends     Germany
Anja Hasse UZH   Switzerland
Anja Leu     Switzerland
Anke Hees Kantonsschule Z\xFCrich Nord / Univ. Z\xFCrich Lehrdiplom   Switzerland
Anke L\xFCdeling      
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