internal package Foswiki::Configure::Load

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internal package Foswiki::Configure::Load

Handling for loading configuration information (Foswiki.spec, Config.spec and LocalSite.cfg) as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

This reads values from these files and does not parse the structured comments or build a spec database. For that, see

StaticMethod readConfig([$noexpand][,$nospec][,$config_spec][,$noLocal)

In normal Foswiki operations as a web server this method is called by the BEGIN block of However, when benchmarking/debugging it can be replaced by custom code which sets the configuration hash. To prevent us from overriding the custom code again, we use an "unconfigurable" key $cfg{ConfigurationFinished} as an indicator.

Note that this method is called by Foswiki and configure, and normally reads Foswiki.spec to get defaults. Other spec files (those for extensions) are not read unless the $config_spec flag is set.

The assumption is that configure will be run when an extension is installed, and that will add the config values to LocalSite.cfg, so no defaults are needed. Foswiki.spec is still read because so much of the core code doesn't provide defaults, and it would be silly to have them in two places anyway.

  • $noexpand - suppress expansion of $Foswiki vars embedded in values.
  • $nospec - can be set when the caller knows that Foswiki.spec has already been read.
  • $config_spec - if set, will also read Config.spec files located using the standard methods (iff !$nospec). Slow.
  • $noLocal - if set, Load will not re-read an existing LocalSite.cfg. this is needed when testing the bootstrap. If it rereads an existing config, it overlays all the bootstrapped settings.

StaticMethod expanded($value) → $expanded

Given a value of a configuration item, expand references to $Foswiki::cfg configuration items within strings in the value.

If an embedded $Foswiki::cfg reference is not defined, it will be expanded as 'undef'.

StaticMethod expandValue($datum [, $mode])

Expands references to Foswiki configuration items which occur in the values configuration items contained within the datum, which may be a hash or array reference, or a scalar value. The replacement is done in-place.

$mode - How to handle undefined values:
  • false: 'undef' (string) is returned when an undefined value is encountered.
  • 1 : return undef if any undefined value is encountered.
  • 2 : return '' for any undefined value (including embedded)
  • 3 : die if an undefined value is encountered.

StaticMethod setBootstrap()

This routine is called to initialize the bootstrap process. It sets the list of configuration parameters that will need to be set and "protected" during bootstrap.

If any keys will be set during bootstrap / initial creation of LocalSite.cfg, they should be added here so that they are preserved when the %Foswiki::cfg hash is wiped and re-initialized from the Foswiki spec.

StaticMethod bootstrapConfig()

This routine is called from BEGIN block to discover the mandatory settings for operation when a LocalSite.cfg could not be found.

StaticMethod _bootstrapSiteSettings()

Called by bootstrapConfig. This handles the {Site} settings.

StaticMethod _bootstrapStoreSettings()

Called by bootstrapConfig. This handles the store specific settings. This in turn tests each Store Contib to determine if it's capable of bootstrapping.

StaticMethod bootstrapWebSettings($script)

Called by bootstrapConfig. This handles the web environment specific settings only:

  • {DefaultUrlHost}
  • {ScriptUrlPath}
  • {ScriptUrlPaths}{view}
  • {PubUrlPath}

StaticMethod findDependencies(\%cfg) → \%deps

  • \%cfg configuration hash to scan; defaults to %Foswiki::cfg

Recursively locate references to other keys in the values of keys. Returns a hash containing two keys:
  • forward => a hash mapping keys to a list of the keys that depend on their value
  • reverse => a hash mapping keys to a list of keys whose value they depend on.

StaticMethod specChanged → @list

Find all the Spec files (Config.spec and Foswiki.spec) and return a list of extensions with Spec files newer than LocalSite.cfg.

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